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Spring Equinox 2020

Eternal Waking Beauties Spring Equinox 2020 Reading

Hello Eternal Waking Beauties, and welcome to Spring 2020! This is an intuitive reading for the collective for what we will be experiencing as a whole for Spring 2020 (March 20 – June 19). This is the beginning of the seasons for us when life comes back to the world, and new beginnings are born! It is time to Live Your Purpose!

Spirit of the Animal Oracle

Ram – Perserverence

The first card from the Spirit of the Animal Oracle is the Ram – how perfect as we are entering Aries season! We are being asked to persevere for we have many gifts and there is no problems that can withstand the power of our minds. With patience we can reach the mountaintop as long as we do not give up good luck will follow!

Penguin – Authentic

Underneath the bottom of the deck we have Penguin which asks us to be authentic with ourselves, others, and the world. We are to reach out to our tribe – our soul family – as we find ourselves in times of need. Family gives strength to face the storm. It’s time to love our uniqueness and we are full of surprises! Break free from others expectations and JUST BE YOURSELF!

It is easier to persevere when we are in alignment with our truth and our highest selves which allows us to remain authentic.

Sacred Rebels Oracle

6 – Shock of the New

The next deck I was drawn to was the Sacred Rebels Oracle. The card drawn was “Shock of the New” (#6 – supreme nurturer). We are going to be in awe of the new that comes to us this spring as we align with our upper heart chakra (purpose), throat chakra (truth), third eye chakra (clarity), and crown chakra (connection to the divine). These are going to bring about new ideas and inspiration letting us clearly see our authentic, unique souls! When this happens we will begin to witness the new all around us and everything that we can create!

25 – Release the Dark Wound, Let Love Live

Underneath the bottom of the deck is “Release the Dark Wound, Let Love Live” (#25 – 2 – balance, harmony, relationships; 5 – change and transformation 2+5=7 – enlightenment, spirituality, higher understanding). Our shift and change will bring about a balance and harmony of our spirituality and higher selves as we let go of past wounds, hurt, pain, suffering, and traumas allowing them to heal through forgiveness so we can allow love to permeate our lives. This is the work we need to achieve alignment with ourselves, with our authentic form, with all our truth and purpose within so we can experience the shock of the new within and around us. What a beautiful time!

Nature’s Whispers

9 – Perfect Setting

The next deck I was drawn to us the Nature’s Whispers oracle deck. The card drawn was “Perfect Setting” (#9 – endings, completion, humanitarianism). This card is saying we have everything we need within and around us to create the perfect setting to live and create our dreams, desires, and purpose. It is time to be the master manifestors of our divine destinies! Keep up with the perseverance of being able to release the past which is blocking the achievement of our future so we can get to the creation of all things aligned with us and our highest vibration.

36 – Intuition

Underneath the bottom of the deck is “Intuition” (#36 – 3 – divine, holy trinity, 3 dauntians, mother, maiden, and crone, body, mind, and sprit, earth, nature, and the universe; 6 – nurturing; 3+6=9! – endings, completion, humanitarianism). We have another 9 confirming we are coming to the end of a cycle to begin again! (Purity ring!) We are to follow our intuition to guide us to paint the masterpiece of our perfect setting to come into the new aligned in love after healing our stagnant past persevering to our authentic true selves!

Paulina Cassidy Tarot

Ten of Pentacles

The ten of pentacles is here to tell us of success!!! We have created abundance and prosperity for ourselves in the material, physics realm with all of our newfound authenticity, love, alignment, intuition, perseverance, and co-creation with spirit of our perfect setting. It has allowed us to enter a place of receiving for all of our hard work. We are being blessed this spring for a job well done!

Ace of Cups

Next we have the ace of cups which is a realization of a newfound bond and relationship with our emotions creating a happy and harmonious existence. Again our hard work is paying off and allowing for more stability, understanding, and acceptance of our emotions. This is going to help us release the dark wound and let love live within us and throughout our lives bringing back balance and harmony of our emotions.

The Hierophant

The hierophant brings us new wisdom, spiritual guidance, and a divine connection with source allowing us to receive downloads that connect us with the higher truths of the universe. This newfound wisdom is going to help us remain in alignment, remain in our truth, remain in our authentic uniqueness, remain in this space of love, remain intuitive, remain confident and understanding of our gifts to persevere as we create our perfect setting to live our our divine life purpose.

Nine of Swords

We have another 9! Definitely look up this angel number as it is an integral part of our spring 2020 experience! The 9 of swords is showing us that something is trying to hold us back whether it’s our mental blocks or old patterns that are no longer beneficial or still holding onto the memory, the moment, the person, or the situation that is keeping us from moving forward. We have not been able to heal or forgive and it is bringing stagnancy from living our purpose. We must forgive and heal this part of ourselves or another in order to continue on our path.

Seven of Wands

Underneath the bottom of the deck we have the 7 of Wands which shows that we are perched on a ledge protected by our spirit guides from everyone below trying to reach us, trying to lower our vibration, trying to bring us back down! We have ascended so high we have elevated our vibration and ourselves to a place and a space where we can no longer be touched by those lower vibrations. We can’t even see them! They aren’t even in our scope of view! We have risen above the bs and there we will remain!

The Numinous Tarot

Three of Candles

The next deck is the Numinous Tarot which is a beautiful display of inclusion and representation. The first card is the three of candles or wands in most tarot. This card is lighting our way to our purpose, our passion, and our success. It is paired with the 10 of pentacles suggesting that our path is lit bright and clearly for us to follow to gain material abundance on the physical plane so we can have more than enough to fulfill our purpose. How exciting!

6 – The Lovers

Six is another number that is sticking out! Please look up the angel number for more guidance and insight for this spring season! How beautiful!!!! The lovers is paired with the ace of cups! Once we are able to release the dark wound, the pain, the suffering, the hurt, we are able to let love live and that love is going to be for ourselves, for others, for everyone, for everything, for the world, and for the cosmos! We are going to experience love on a whole new level as we embark on the beginning of our seasonal year in spring! I absolutely ADORE this lovers card as so many people are represented and included in this all encompassing love from a PURE HEART! We all possess one Eternal Waking Beauties! Open your heart to love so you can give and receive pure love freely!

1 – The Magician

The magician is next and is paired with the HIEROPHANT!!! Omg what a deliciously perfect pair!!! Not only do we have all of the knowledge we need to create this perfect setting, create a new within and around us, connect with and trust our intuition, know our authentic selves, and realize our gifts to persevere, but we are also THE MAGICIAN! We have all of the tools we need to be successful in all of these endeavors!!!! We are master manifestors! We are alchemists! We can create our hearts desires, dreams, and purpose!!!

Six of Vials

ANOTHER SIX!!! The six of vials is the traditional cups or chalices suit. The six of vials speaks upon looking back and reminiscing with nostalgia especially when we think fondly of our ancestors. This is going. To help us with the nine of swords. When we are having moments of mental strife, self doubt, frustration, and lack and fear mentalities we are being asked to reach out to our ancestors and call upon them for help to rise above and get around this old, stale way of thinking that is blocking us from achievement and success with ease. When we are aligned and get into the vortex things come with ease and flow in such a way it’s almost surreal. Our ancestors will help us get back to that space so we can realign again, get back in touch with our intuition and authenticity, and get back to creating the perfect setting to illuminate our path toward success.

The Dreamer of Tomes

The dreamer of tomes is similar to the page of pentacles or coins in traditional tarot. We are in a dream state! We are dreaming of our goals, desires, purpose, and futures. What do we want to create, where do we want to find success, what feels best and aligns with our higher self with our truth? So many questions and we are seeking out the answers with joy and deliberation. Our intent is what is going to help us realize our dream that ignites is with a fiery passion creating sustainable happiness and peace.

2 – The High Priestess and the Queen of Pentacles!

The seven of wands slid off the bottom of the Paulina Cassidy tarot deck to reveal the high priestess! She is the magician and hierophant combined! She has all of the ethereal knowledge and spiritual prowess of the hierophant combined with the tools of the magician. She knows how to use her tools and manifests what she needs for her divine life purpose!

Under the high priestess the QUEEN OF PENTACLES revealed herself! She is well of financially. She has stability, safety, security, and structure because she is abundant and prosperous on a material level in the physical plane. She has her checks and balances. She knows how to create, how to manifest, and how to receive. We also had the 10 of pentacles! Both of these cards signify WEALTH! This is long term, lifetime, generational WEALTH that is here to stay and here to last for the long run! Your passion and your purpose is going to fulfill you and yours for this LIFETIME AND BEYOND!

Bottoms of the decks for our Eternal Waking Beauties Spring 2020 insight!

Close out

Please let me know if any of this resonates with you by dropping a comment. 🙏🏽💕

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We are all Eternal beings of light forever Waking to the Beauties of life. It is time to LIVE YOUR PURPOSE! Peace & harmony family! ☮️☯️

Om Mani Padme Hum.࿆ૐ

Ⓒ copyright Eternal Waking Beauties

Redefining Humanity

Photographer Unknown

Humanity is supposed to be what sets us apart from all other species. The ability to cognitively process the world and life around us. The capacity for compassion and empathy toward all other life. Yet, we see animals showing more humanity than humans, and inanimate objects processing more than a human mind could possibly fathom.

How have we come to this place? Why are the masses so desensitized? Since when is it cool to not care about life – our own and others? Why is death and the auspicious evils of society glorified?

Everyone wants to blame technology for distancing us from each other, but have we all forgotten the fact that we have the power of choice? We can choose to put the phones down. We can choose to meet face to face. We can choose to say, “Hi!” with a smile on our face to strangers. We can choose to accept others differences. We can choose to volunteer for a good cause. We can choose.

As Americans I feel we easily forget this privilege of choice. Granted not every American has choice since only 30% of the current workforce in the United States works full time. However, we still have a lot more freedoms than most people across the globe.

Today, I saw a line of cars sitting at a red light. The person in front of me, person behind me, and person next to me all rolled their windows up and scowled at the homeless woman and her dog.

When I was younger I used to be fearful of these people. I was terrified they wanted to harm me in one way or another. Now that I am older I realize that a series of misfortune has brought this individual to their lowly state.

No one chooses to be homeless. Some may choose to panhandle versus work a 9-5, but they are usually not homeless. No one wakes up and says, “Fuck this life! I’m just going to walk away from my life, and leave with nothing more than the clothes on my back and create a makeshift home on the side of the road.” If you know of someone who has, please give me their contact information because I would love to pick their brain.

As I looked at this woman, I unrolled my window and handed her an apple. She said, “God bless you” and I responded with “God bless you too” and gave her a genuine smile. I wanted to start a conversation and ask her if she knew there were options and resources out there to help her move out of poverty. However, I did not want to be rude or assert myself. The more I think about it though, the more I wish I had.

So many people out there do not realize how many wonderful programs and services are in place to really help people and make a difference in the world. It gives me hope for the healing of humanity happens one individual at a time. It is so beautiful and inspiring to see lives be truly touched.

For example, did you know that CalFresh or  “food stamps” as they used to be called actually subsidize commerce? This means that food stamps do NOT come out of taxpayer dollars. In fact, CalFresh, or food stamps actually enhance the local economy and keep farmers in business. So why not muster up the courage and let go of your ego for a moment to be proud of helping your economy, yourself, and your family (if you have one)?

There are so many times where we allow rumors and word of mouth to taint our minds with false information. If we just did our research, and lent out a helping hand when we have been able, we would be able to drastically alter our state of humanity.

Everyone deserves to have choice in a world where free will is given.

Everyone deserves love and compassion in all capacities.

Everyone deserves a helping hand and a listening ear, even if just for a moment.

Everyone deserves a chance at life.

Everyone deserves to be treated for what they are – a human being.

Om Mani Padme Hum.࿆ૐ

Ⓒ copyright Eternal Waking Beauties

You are NOT forgotten

Photographers Unknown. Edited by Eternal Waking Beauties

The whirlpools of chaos consume my mind.

How have I lost my footing?

The ground so solid beneath me


I have fallen.

Fallen into this abyss of insanity

that I dare not call home.

Where did this lackluster begin to weave the very fabric of my being?

I catch a reflection

perplexed by who stands before me.

This tattered soul. This vagrant form. This subspecies who no one dares call human.

And for what?

For asking to be used and abused time and time again?

For being force fed lies of disturbing proportions until it became an ingrained belief?

For my self destructive tendencies to only relinquish myself from the fear and the pain?


For my open honesty?

For your feeling of uncomfort?

For rattling your perfect world of normalcy?

For tearing down what you know as reality?

Well this is reality for all too many and has become commonplace.

One out of every four women you know has been sexually assaulted at one point in their lives.

Do you have a mother?

A grandmother?

A wife?

A daughter?

A friend who recognizes her gender as female?

At least one of them has been groped without consent.

At least one has been objectified as they crawled out of their skin.

At least one has cried themselves to sleep with the disbelief of what occurred that evening.

At least one has felt hopeless and dead inside.

So please tell me why the uncomfort of my words weighs heavier than the uncomfort your love one had to live through?

No matter what you choose this truth exists and will continue to exist with our without your recognition.

So why not help?

Why not fight?

Why not take a stand?

This is not just a woman’s problem.

This happens to one out of seven boys as well.

They may not admit it.

But they still feel the heaviness of this unnecessary evil.

Allow these boys who are now men to have the right to feel.

Let them know there is strength in seeking help.

Let them know their dignity and masculinity will remain unscathed for being ready to heal.

These injustices are not okay now, nor will they ever be.

But the ways we choose to learn, heal, grow, and overcome are always right for us.

Be brave.

Take a stand for someone you love.

Especially if that someone you love is yourself.

Om Mani Padme Hum.࿆ૐ

Ⓒ copyright Eternal Waking Beauties

I am an advocate and survivor. If you ever need anyone to listen, I am here for you. Your voice and your life are precious. Remain empowered and safe Eternal Waking Beauties.

Quote of the Day: Shine

“Shine on!” by Eternal Waking Beauties

“A sunflower from me to you to help get you through the day. May it help you shine your light keeping all darkness at bay.” -Eternal Waking Beauities 💗🌻💗

Om Mani Padme Hum.࿆ૐ

Ⓒ copyright Eternal Waking Beauties

Featuring Serene

“My Guardian Angel, Serene” by Eternal Waking Beauties

When the night creeps upon me

The warmth of your wings around me

Remind me that I will never be alone.

“Soon we will be home.

We are never lost with each other

my dear

my dear

my dear.

My love for you floods the world with beauty and light for you may

Never be still and forever trust in yourself.”

Om Mani Padme Hum.࿆ૐ

Ⓒ copyright Eternal Waking Beauties

Everlasting Love

via Daily Prompt: Friend

Tired of a lonesome life of longing for someone’s unconditional love; I began to search.

No one stood out as I scrolled endlessly for the love I was ready to receive at this point in my life. I felt friendless and alone in a world of scholars, extremists, philanthropists, activists, hippies, stoners, gamers, and all the other explorers of this world. Why couldn’t I find him or her?

I was always open minded with little to no preference. I figured someone more petite would suit my lifestyle at this junction, but was still flexible depending on the connection we made. Then, I found him!

His beautiful tri-color coat and bright shining soul captivated me instantly. I kept gravitating closer and closer to my screen until pixelated dots filled my pupils. I had found him!

The drive from Santa Barbara to Fresno, CA was long and tiresome. A single lane highway laid before me. My chest filled with anxiety as I crept closer to him.

*ding* “Arrived.” A British, male voice had instructed me as I turned into the driveway. My heart leapt and bound as I felt the intense beating almost tear through my chest.

I walked to the back and met his sister, who greeted me with an incomparable love and enthusiasm. As I reflect back, I wonder how different life may have been had I chosen her as my partner instead.

Then, I caught him out of the corner of my eye rolling around in dirt underneath the gigantic trampoline. His wild spirit called as I scooped him up. I could feel his longing to stay and enjoy the cool dirt as we began to head to the car. The more I contemplate, the more I question my choice in him over her. Little did either of us know about the path we were about to embark upon.

A year passed as I entered a tizzying spiral of disparity and abuse. I was unkind to my own body, robbed myself of a beautiful youth, and took my life for granted. I was fortunate enough to come home every night (or morning) to my loving companion and dearest friend, who exuded a kind heart and gentle touch to my tormented soul.

He listened as I wept myself to sleep. He licked up every salty tear he could catch before hitting the floor. He consoled me, cuddled me and loved me unconditionally, when I felt undeserving and worthless. He was my rock; my life; my angel.

The following year went from self destruction to utter chaos as the worst chapter of my life began to unfold.

Lying to myself as I ignored my intuition we thought one trip to San Francisco, and then we would be fine; we would be safe; we would go home. Realizing the insanity I cast us both into; I found myself perplexed at my surroundings. We packed and waited for the taxi to arrive. I heard a loud screeching of tires, and felt my hair being pulled as I was dragged into that room.

Door locked. Threats being yelled. Thrown on the bed. Hands tighten around my neck. All airwaves sealed. Darkness.

I woke up in the backseat of the car with the light of my life in my lap. I began to sob as I began to comprehend what had transpired. “One day my love you will be safe in your forever home. I promise.” I whispered in the meekest of breaths.

15 minutes and we were in Salt Lake City, Utah. 2 days later Denver, Colorado; 3 days later Kansas City, Kansas; 2 days later St. Louis, Missouri, the next day Schaumburg, Illinois, then Chicago, Indianapolis, Pittsburgh, New York, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., Durham, Charleston, Atlanta, and finally, Nashville, Tennessee.

Since this escapade of madness, abuse, violation after violation, shame, despair, and utter darkness: we lost 2 dogs, I was forced to purchase a car that I was not allowed to drive, I had no way of seeing two feet in front of me (since I was out of contacts and did not have glasses, nor was I allowed to have either), and had more than 3 near death experiences. Now we were about to rent a house after a year and two months of traveling…. Luckily my faithful and worn out companion remained by my side.

We took trips to Birmingham, New Orleans, Dallas, and Houston during the next six months. During this time the female counterpart, one of my vile captors, was taken to jail, and held for two weeks. The heinous cloud of darkness that plagued my very existence decided he wanted to go out for a tattoo.

No one was watching me. My beloved boy stared into my eyes. We were finally alone. “It’s time,” I said. “We are on our way to our forever home where we will be safe for the rest of our days. I promise.”

I grabbed the belongings I owned prior to the misery of this existence. Car keys in hand and loyal friend by my side we started the engine.

Shaking in panic, I could not control the intensity of every muscle in my body seizing as I headed for the airport.

“Where am I going? What does that sign say? Where am I? How do I get there? Who can help me?” I quandered as I finally found the airport exit.

“Please come help me and make sure I’m safe and can get on a flight I can’t leave my dog he has been with me through everything!” I rattled off into a slur of muffled, snot dripping fear.

“I’m not even on duty.” His calm voice replied as I felt my heart sink.

“Pleaseeeee” I pleaded with him as I felt myself choking with each breath.

“Okay, I’m on my way. Tell airport security to lock you in a safe room,” he replied.

“What if they think I’m crazy? What if they don’t believe me? What if they don’t help? What if he gets me first?!” My overactive mind screamed in my throbbing head.

I did as I was told and was secured in a safe place with the hollow shell of my once lively friend. Exhaustion dripped from his aura.

*knock, knock*

Terror shivered up my spine.

“Hey, how’s it going?”

My vacant stare went ignored.

“I have some bad news,” he continued. “Your dog cannot fly until all of his shots are up to date so here are your options…”

I broke out into tears hysterically sobbing as I clutched my sweet boy to my chest.

“You can stay here and take care of his shots, then go home, or you can leave him with me. I will make sure all his shots are administered, and that he’s on the next flight home to you.”

A mixture of confusion, terror, and gratitude washed over me. This man was an angel.

I cried as my love locked eyes with me. I kissed him and whispered, “you will be with me at our safe haven forever home before you know it. I promise.”

Fear and hope rushed through me as he kept his gaze into my soul rounding the corner. I boarded the plane with hesitation, and took my seat. I was worried about what everyone was going to think, what everyone knew or didn’t know, and if I would ever see my best friend again.

A week passed and there he was. My poor sweet boy only 8 measly pounds as he shivered in his carrier coming off the airplane. I was so happy to be reunited with my true love.

Time has passed, but nothing has been forgotten from the whirlwind we spent together. Every night as we prayed for forgiveness and safety, I would pray that someday, somehow I would be able to get him to his forever home safe and sound for the remainder of his years. He has never left to this day. (Except for walks, car car rides, and the occasional squirrel.)

Thank you my friend, my companion, my partner, my love, for being everything I needed and more during the darkest chapters of my life. Thank you for remaining loyal and loving even when you deserved better every moment. Thank you for your kindness and forgiveness since our journey those 8 long years ago. Thank you. You are the angelic savior I never knew I would need in this life. I love you.

My Dearest Friend. Picture taken by Eternal Waking Beauties.
Om Mani Padme Hum.࿆ૐ

Ⓒ copyright Eternal Waking Beauties