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For the Love of Her

via Daily Prompt: Uniform

“Naked Zebra” by Lucien Clergue

He reminisced of the days she sat by his side with a jovial zest. The afternoon sun glared through his window as the uniform slats loomed across her dilapidated body. Exhausted from the week she had toppled over on the bed in a heap of depleted energy. He winced as the current from her essence reverberated through his being. While he dislodged the stale debris of her week from his aura, he entered the kitchen.

“What shall I craft for tonight’s meal?” He pondered as if waiting for a reply.

He recalled the recipe for Thai Lettuce Wraps and Watermelon and Crab Gazpacho that he had discovered while leafing through a “Good Housekeeping” magazine while waiting for his physical earlier that morning. The uniform stacks left him puzzled as he tried to quickly place the one he was reading in order before retreating to the back for his appointment.

“Those will be deliciously refreshing for this stagnant heat called weather,” he cheerfully mused as he felt a grin crawl across his endearing face.

Turkey, shrimp, peanut sauce, lettuce, garlic, cilantro, mint leaves, lime juice, sugar he recalled as he began prepping the feast to come. Everything was uniform in the cupboards as he found each garnish tucked in alphabetical order. He reflected back on her gaiety when they first met. Her hair wind tossed, his shirt half tucked, the remains of a carnival whirling around them.

“Let’s go on that one!” She exclaimed pointing to the infamous “drop” ride that plunges from a gripping 415 feet high.

He had already tossed his cookies once that day, but her excitement latched onto him. The click of the harnesses rang through his ears. He felt his gulp ripple through the park. This was one of his favorite moments.

“Yes, that one will remain a treasure,” he whispered as he continued playing master chef for the evening.

Two weeks in she was practically a permanent resident at his home. Pots and pans strewn throughout the kitchen, dirty clothes left snail trails encompassing the apartment, and everything from flowers to construction paper to paint created an elaborate pattern across his furniture. This was how he remembered her vibrant soul.

“Mmmrgrrglllfffttt.” He heard creep from the bedroom. “You okay in there?” he asked as he peeked his head in the doorway.

She had managed to peel off her damp clothing as her body glistened in the sun’s rays. Her heap of shedded apparel juxtaposed the uniformity of the rest of the room. He slowly began kissing her soft, delicate skin as he caressed her back. She moaned, “I have my work cut out for me.”

“Then leave!” he demanded. “You work so hard, and it all goes unnoticed. I don’t want you to be somewhere you are miserable. Look at you! You used to be full of ecstatic life. I worry about you and your health.”

“You are my saint,” she replied. “But you know I am getting experience to build up my resume. I love my job and the people I care for. They are so old and sweet, and their stories move my soul. I can’t just leave them! Tom, Betty, Alfred…they would be devastated!”

“I just want you back. I want to feel your warmth again. I want to see your light shine!” he whimpered holding back a tear.

“You’re a good man, and I love and respect you dearly. Please respect my decision. I know things will get back to normal soon.” She rebutted as she forced a smile.

They embraced in a passionate entwining of their bodies. Later, as they laid there naked he realized that no matter how uniform he tried to keep his life, it only appeared that way. Life will always be full of changes and chaos out of his control. She had been aware of this for so long, no wonder she ebbed and flowed with the earth like a stream of water as her soul fluttered in the breeze allowing her unknown destination to be determined by the elements. This is why he loved her. This is why he cherished her. This is why everything he did was for the love of her.

Om Mani Padme Hum.࿆ૐ

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