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Card of the Day: The Fool

The Fool
Paulina Cassidy’s “Joie de Vivre Tarot” Deck. Picture taken by Eternal Waking Beauties

In my previous post Card of the Day: The Star, I discuss the background of both Tarot and the Major Arcana. Today’s draw is the first card of the Major Arcana in Tarot – 0 The Fool.


Zero is the number of an endless, infinite cycle representing the God Force. It is everywhere and nowhere with no beginning nor ending allowing for freedom of limitations. There are endless possibilities when a zero is present. Spirituality is intensified as we become closer to the source of eternity. Zero is the enhancer by amplifying the vibration of the other numbers it appears with. It also symbolizes naivete and uncertainty, which is what the fool exemplifies.

The Fool’s Journey

The Fool embodies each and every one of us born into a world enmeshed in beauty and danger. She is ready to take on the world with a faithful companion when she encounters the Magician (1), who represents the divine masculine and the High Priestess (2), who represents the divine feminine. These two are often interpreted as the opposing forces of yin and yang – darkness and light – feminine and masculine within the Fool.

As the Fool becomes more aware of herself, she begins to notice her surroundings. She meets the Empress (3) and Emperor (4), who assume the role of her parents. The Empress shows loving nourishment, while the Emperor builds structure and authority.

The Fool eventually leaves the nest to confront a world of societal structure in the form of education, religion, and organized norms practiced by the collective. The Heirophant (5) shares culture, beliefs, knowledge, and traditions. They come in the form of teachers, church leaders, and even peers who are more familiar with the guidelines laid out for the masses.

As the Fool grows, she begins to yearn for romantic and sexual companionship depicted by the Lovers (6). The Fool has graduated from being self-centered and egocentric to wanting to learn how to balance and harmonize a relationship with another individual.

The Fool eventually transitions into adulthood as she harnesses her own destiny on the Chariot (7). Basking in her achievements, the Fool displays discipline and control regardless of the rocky path she is on. Challenges and roadblocks continue to try to hinder her progress. The Fool finds Strength (8) as she courageously pushes forward in a soft and loving manner realizing that Strength is not always forceful and domineering.

Finally, the Fool becomes introspective after exploring the outside world. Exhausted from all of the trials and tribulations, esoteric knowledge becomes the key to her existence. As she ponders deeply of the world and life, she begins to Hermit (9) seeking solitude from society. Once the pieces fall into place, the Fool is able to experience the Wheel of Fortune (10). Invisible ties connecting every facet of the universe and world begin to appear in the eyes of the Fool. Fate and destiny play a major role in motivating the Fool to continue on her path.

Through her new lens, the Fool begins to take responsibility for herself as she learns to become accountable for her actions. This is where she meets Justice (11), and pays the dues of her past to begin anew. When new challenges emerge, the Fool must figure out how to handle these situations with her new frame of mind. She learns to let go of control as the Hanged Man (12), while humbled by her new perspective. From this comes the Death (13) of her old ways. She relinquishes the aspects of herself and her life that no longer serve her. Death is the beginning of her transition toward her soul’s purpose.

The Fool discovers that balance is needed to create equilibrium in life. Temperance (14) is necessary to restore harmony within and around her. Shortly after, the Devil (15) appears tempting the Fool with material desires. The Fool finds herself bound to the physical plane lost in ignorant abundance. In order to free herself from the shackles restraining her progress, she must watch the Tower (16) of her ego collapse beneath her feet. As she falls from the tumbling fortress that was once so comfortable, she realizes this catastrophic shift is a blessing in disguise.

The Fool is forced to make another adjustment on her path of development. One night, she becomes mesmerized by the Star (17) renewing all faith and hope. A tranquil calmness washes over her that she wishes to share with the world. Shortly after, the Fool spots the Moon (18) bringing an illusion of fantasy. Swept up in the blissful state of the Star, the Fool is unable to see clearly in the moonlight. Before she is consumed by anxiety and fear, the Sun (19) rises. Rays of warmth and illumination bring clarity and understanding to the Fool restoring her vitality.

The final major advance is made as the Fool assumes her true form. She is fully reborn into her radiant light of purity and love. She passes Judgement (20) on herself as she reflects on her choices throughout her life. The Fool is able to forgive herself and others for the mishaps along the way realizing every step had a purpose. Her vision of truth remains with her as she reenters the World (21) in her enlightened state. The Fool has found peace in the harmony she has created inside of her, and contentment for the life she has manifested around herself.

Everyone is at a different point on the Fool’s Journey in their own lives. It is important not to drown in our thoughts, be consumed by our feelings, or get lost in the world. Practice innocence and faith to continue progressing.

Innocence and Faith

We are being asked to restore our child-like innocence and unwavering faith at this time. This is not to be interpreted as blind ignorance leading to irrational disillusionment. The first definition of innocence according to Mirriam-Webster is “freedom from guilt or sin through being unacquainted with evil.” In Taoism, this is similar to the practice of becoming the “uncarved block”.

There is a simplicity about the person who does not assume the shape that intellectual and societal influences try to impose. Without accumulating the burdens of the world, we are free from gaining karma causing us to backtrack to learn a lesson we already know. We must trust our instinct that clearly distinguishes the choices of love from fear, and follow our soul’s guidance keeping us innocent. This takes a lot of faith in one’s self.

It is hard not to question our original judgement of a situation. However, our souls know what is best for our highest good. We must listen to that little voice and trust in its truth. As stated in the Bible “Then you will know truth, and the truth will set you free.” John 8:32. Jesus is trying to liberate his disciples spiritually from their physical bondage. In doing so, they can liberate themselves from slavery.

If we also have faith in our own truths, we will be able to free ourselves from the confines of what we have been told to be true. No one knows what is better for us and our highest good other than ourselves. No one has had an identical experience to that of our own. No one has stayed by our side for every breath we have taken. No one fully understands the inner workings of our minds, emotions, and processes for they are completely unique to us. Have faith in this process. Have faith in our own capability to make sound decisions. Have faith that we will remain taken care of because we have promised to care for ourselves.

The Fool has come to us to rekindle our sense of innocence and faith. Believe in the power each of them holds to carry you on your path of light and love Eternal Waking Beauties.

Om Mani Padme Hum.࿆ૐ

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