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Spring Equinox 2020

Eternal Waking Beauties Spring Equinox 2020 Reading

Hello Eternal Waking Beauties, and welcome to Spring 2020! This is an intuitive reading for the collective for what we will be experiencing as a whole for Spring 2020 (March 20 – June 19). This is the beginning of the seasons for us when life comes back to the world, and new beginnings are born! It is time to Live Your Purpose!

Spirit of the Animal Oracle

Ram – Perserverence

The first card from the Spirit of the Animal Oracle is the Ram – how perfect as we are entering Aries season! We are being asked to persevere for we have many gifts and there is no problems that can withstand the power of our minds. With patience we can reach the mountaintop as long as we do not give up good luck will follow!

Penguin – Authentic

Underneath the bottom of the deck we have Penguin which asks us to be authentic with ourselves, others, and the world. We are to reach out to our tribe – our soul family – as we find ourselves in times of need. Family gives strength to face the storm. It’s time to love our uniqueness and we are full of surprises! Break free from others expectations and JUST BE YOURSELF!

It is easier to persevere when we are in alignment with our truth and our highest selves which allows us to remain authentic.

Sacred Rebels Oracle

6 – Shock of the New

The next deck I was drawn to was the Sacred Rebels Oracle. The card drawn was “Shock of the New” (#6 – supreme nurturer). We are going to be in awe of the new that comes to us this spring as we align with our upper heart chakra (purpose), throat chakra (truth), third eye chakra (clarity), and crown chakra (connection to the divine). These are going to bring about new ideas and inspiration letting us clearly see our authentic, unique souls! When this happens we will begin to witness the new all around us and everything that we can create!

25 – Release the Dark Wound, Let Love Live

Underneath the bottom of the deck is “Release the Dark Wound, Let Love Live” (#25 – 2 – balance, harmony, relationships; 5 – change and transformation 2+5=7 – enlightenment, spirituality, higher understanding). Our shift and change will bring about a balance and harmony of our spirituality and higher selves as we let go of past wounds, hurt, pain, suffering, and traumas allowing them to heal through forgiveness so we can allow love to permeate our lives. This is the work we need to achieve alignment with ourselves, with our authentic form, with all our truth and purpose within so we can experience the shock of the new within and around us. What a beautiful time!

Nature’s Whispers

9 – Perfect Setting

The next deck I was drawn to us the Nature’s Whispers oracle deck. The card drawn was “Perfect Setting” (#9 – endings, completion, humanitarianism). This card is saying we have everything we need within and around us to create the perfect setting to live and create our dreams, desires, and purpose. It is time to be the master manifestors of our divine destinies! Keep up with the perseverance of being able to release the past which is blocking the achievement of our future so we can get to the creation of all things aligned with us and our highest vibration.

36 – Intuition

Underneath the bottom of the deck is “Intuition” (#36 – 3 – divine, holy trinity, 3 dauntians, mother, maiden, and crone, body, mind, and sprit, earth, nature, and the universe; 6 – nurturing; 3+6=9! – endings, completion, humanitarianism). We have another 9 confirming we are coming to the end of a cycle to begin again! (Purity ring!) We are to follow our intuition to guide us to paint the masterpiece of our perfect setting to come into the new aligned in love after healing our stagnant past persevering to our authentic true selves!

Paulina Cassidy Tarot

Ten of Pentacles

The ten of pentacles is here to tell us of success!!! We have created abundance and prosperity for ourselves in the material, physics realm with all of our newfound authenticity, love, alignment, intuition, perseverance, and co-creation with spirit of our perfect setting. It has allowed us to enter a place of receiving for all of our hard work. We are being blessed this spring for a job well done!

Ace of Cups

Next we have the ace of cups which is a realization of a newfound bond and relationship with our emotions creating a happy and harmonious existence. Again our hard work is paying off and allowing for more stability, understanding, and acceptance of our emotions. This is going to help us release the dark wound and let love live within us and throughout our lives bringing back balance and harmony of our emotions.

The Hierophant

The hierophant brings us new wisdom, spiritual guidance, and a divine connection with source allowing us to receive downloads that connect us with the higher truths of the universe. This newfound wisdom is going to help us remain in alignment, remain in our truth, remain in our authentic uniqueness, remain in this space of love, remain intuitive, remain confident and understanding of our gifts to persevere as we create our perfect setting to live our our divine life purpose.

Nine of Swords

We have another 9! Definitely look up this angel number as it is an integral part of our spring 2020 experience! The 9 of swords is showing us that something is trying to hold us back whether it’s our mental blocks or old patterns that are no longer beneficial or still holding onto the memory, the moment, the person, or the situation that is keeping us from moving forward. We have not been able to heal or forgive and it is bringing stagnancy from living our purpose. We must forgive and heal this part of ourselves or another in order to continue on our path.

Seven of Wands

Underneath the bottom of the deck we have the 7 of Wands which shows that we are perched on a ledge protected by our spirit guides from everyone below trying to reach us, trying to lower our vibration, trying to bring us back down! We have ascended so high we have elevated our vibration and ourselves to a place and a space where we can no longer be touched by those lower vibrations. We can’t even see them! They aren’t even in our scope of view! We have risen above the bs and there we will remain!

The Numinous Tarot

Three of Candles

The next deck is the Numinous Tarot which is a beautiful display of inclusion and representation. The first card is the three of candles or wands in most tarot. This card is lighting our way to our purpose, our passion, and our success. It is paired with the 10 of pentacles suggesting that our path is lit bright and clearly for us to follow to gain material abundance on the physical plane so we can have more than enough to fulfill our purpose. How exciting!

6 – The Lovers

Six is another number that is sticking out! Please look up the angel number for more guidance and insight for this spring season! How beautiful!!!! The lovers is paired with the ace of cups! Once we are able to release the dark wound, the pain, the suffering, the hurt, we are able to let love live and that love is going to be for ourselves, for others, for everyone, for everything, for the world, and for the cosmos! We are going to experience love on a whole new level as we embark on the beginning of our seasonal year in spring! I absolutely ADORE this lovers card as so many people are represented and included in this all encompassing love from a PURE HEART! We all possess one Eternal Waking Beauties! Open your heart to love so you can give and receive pure love freely!

1 – The Magician

The magician is next and is paired with the HIEROPHANT!!! Omg what a deliciously perfect pair!!! Not only do we have all of the knowledge we need to create this perfect setting, create a new within and around us, connect with and trust our intuition, know our authentic selves, and realize our gifts to persevere, but we are also THE MAGICIAN! We have all of the tools we need to be successful in all of these endeavors!!!! We are master manifestors! We are alchemists! We can create our hearts desires, dreams, and purpose!!!

Six of Vials

ANOTHER SIX!!! The six of vials is the traditional cups or chalices suit. The six of vials speaks upon looking back and reminiscing with nostalgia especially when we think fondly of our ancestors. This is going. To help us with the nine of swords. When we are having moments of mental strife, self doubt, frustration, and lack and fear mentalities we are being asked to reach out to our ancestors and call upon them for help to rise above and get around this old, stale way of thinking that is blocking us from achievement and success with ease. When we are aligned and get into the vortex things come with ease and flow in such a way it’s almost surreal. Our ancestors will help us get back to that space so we can realign again, get back in touch with our intuition and authenticity, and get back to creating the perfect setting to illuminate our path toward success.

The Dreamer of Tomes

The dreamer of tomes is similar to the page of pentacles or coins in traditional tarot. We are in a dream state! We are dreaming of our goals, desires, purpose, and futures. What do we want to create, where do we want to find success, what feels best and aligns with our higher self with our truth? So many questions and we are seeking out the answers with joy and deliberation. Our intent is what is going to help us realize our dream that ignites is with a fiery passion creating sustainable happiness and peace.

2 – The High Priestess and the Queen of Pentacles!

The seven of wands slid off the bottom of the Paulina Cassidy tarot deck to reveal the high priestess! She is the magician and hierophant combined! She has all of the ethereal knowledge and spiritual prowess of the hierophant combined with the tools of the magician. She knows how to use her tools and manifests what she needs for her divine life purpose!

Under the high priestess the QUEEN OF PENTACLES revealed herself! She is well of financially. She has stability, safety, security, and structure because she is abundant and prosperous on a material level in the physical plane. She has her checks and balances. She knows how to create, how to manifest, and how to receive. We also had the 10 of pentacles! Both of these cards signify WEALTH! This is long term, lifetime, generational WEALTH that is here to stay and here to last for the long run! Your passion and your purpose is going to fulfill you and yours for this LIFETIME AND BEYOND!

Bottoms of the decks for our Eternal Waking Beauties Spring 2020 insight!

Close out

Please let me know if any of this resonates with you by dropping a comment. 🙏🏽💕

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We are all Eternal beings of light forever Waking to the Beauties of life. It is time to LIVE YOUR PURPOSE! Peace & harmony family! ☮️☯️

Om Mani Padme Hum.࿆ૐ

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Card of the Day: Simplicity

“Simplicity” from Paulina Cassidy’s Faerie Reflections Oracle Deck. Picture taken by Eternal Waking Beauities

Faerie Reflections Guidance Deck

Paulina Cassidy is one of my favorite Tarot and Oracle creators. Her artwork paired with her intuitive guidance gives each card character and beauty. I am constantly captivated by her style and imagery through her many talents.

Each card in this deck holds a piece of faerie guidance from the faerie depicted. The names of each faerie are the concepts they hold and bring to help us on our path. We are being asked to connect to our higher selves and divine purpose to create and build upon a happier and healthier life.


Simplicity is humble, grateful, and free due to her calm and clear essence.

“She creates a world of tranquility that reflects her own self, her own spirit, with no competition with anyone or anything outside of herself.” -Paulina Cassidy

She is asking us to allow ourselves to be free as well. Free of burdens, people, ideas, and things that bring clutter and stagnant energy. The sooner we remove everything we own that is attached to negative people and memories, the sooner we can heal, learn, and grow from those experiences.

The more we clutch onto the past, the longer we stay there ruminating about moments we can no longer control. Forgive and forget the heartache and suffering, but remember the lessons learned from each.

Give yourself less options so you are not overwhelmed, but do not limit yourself to the point of feeling helpless or trapped. Here are three little things to help simplify your life:

  1. Purge: “Out with the old, in with the new.” Time to go through closets, shoe racks, makeup, jewelry boxes, tool chests, bookshelves, and other collections or knickknacks. Get rid of everything you no longer use (yes all those broken necklaces, scuffed up shoes, shirts you’ll never wear but swear you might some day, etc.) Donate it, recycle it, get rid of it.
  2. Clean: That’s right. Get out the mop, broom, duster, vacuum, and more. Time to scrub away all of the grime and debris in your physical world to help you declutter your mental and spiritual worlds. This will not only sanitize your space, but it will also free up room for energy to move more freely creating a more peaceful environment.
  3. Organize: Put things in numerical and alphabetical order. Color code your clothing. Rearrange your crystals. Hang up your scarves. Have designated spaces for your things (i.e. keys, change, remotes). Do whatever you need to be able to find what you need easier. This will help when you’re running late, and again create a more harmonious space for energy to flow.

I hope this message helped all of you Eternal Waking Beauties. I have been cleaning and organizing today, and am going to do a mini purge. These tasks also help us be mindful as we focus on what is presently occurring instead of allowing our minds to wander. Take your time and try to enjoy yourself as you focus on each sensory sensation.

Om Mani Padme Hum.࿆ૐ

Ⓒ copyright Eternal Waking Beauties

Card of the Day: Intuition

Nature’s Whispers Oracle Cards by Angela Hartfield. Artwork by Josephine Wall. Picture taken by Eternal Waking Beauties.


Nature’s Whispers

Angela Hartfield brings us loving guidance from the realm of our beautiful Mother Gaia. We find many Earth Angels tied to the fae (nymphs, faeries, sprites) represented in this deck. Paired with the breathtaking artwork of Josephine Wall, Angela captures the essence of each card in her words of encouragement as she teaches us how to nurture ourselves, others, and the environment. I highly recommend this deck for anyone with roots engrained in the history of the fae or strong tethers to nature.


We all have unique goals, creative processes, perspectives and understanding. Right now we are being asked to harness our uniqueness by trusting our intuition. The more we believe in ourselves with unwavering faith, the more capable we become. It is time to take the reigns of our lives and steer our chariot down the proper path. There is a wise sage within us waiting for us to quiet our ego and listen. Open your ears and hearts to your truth in order to reroute your life. Take the chances you have been second guessing yourself on. We all deserve the opportunities presenting themselves to us during this time. It is going to be rough while we transition so allow yourselves breaks, relaxation, and time for self-care. Every individual has their own unique process and story that deserves love and respect. Nurture yourselves Waking beauties.

Om Mani Padme Hum.࿆ૐ

Ⓒ copyright Eternal Waking Beauties

Card of the Day: Orchid Priestess of Destiny

Alana Fairchild’s Kuan Yin Oracle Card Deck. Artist: Zeng Hao Dun Huang. Picture taken by Eternal Waking Beauties

Oracle Cards

Oracle cards are a divination tool used to contact various spirit guides depending on the deck purchased. They range from angels to pixies, mermaids, unicorn, deities, past lives, butterflies, and so much more. This particular deck is by Alana Fairchild, who goes over the card meaning, a healing technique related to the card, and a prayer. Her decks also include Isis, Rumi, Sacred Rebel, Lightworkers, along with many others. They are beautiful tools for insight to various situations, guidance on how to handle what is going on in our lives, and healing to strengthen and empower ourselves.

Kuan Yin

Kuan Yin is a Buddha, Ascended Master, and Goddess. She embodies the divine feminine through compassion, faith, and timing. Refer to “Quan Yin – Ascended Master, Buddha, Goddess” for a more in depth look at Kuan Yin.

Orchid Priestess of Destiny

This card aligns us with our life purpose by clearly showing us our path. We are being asked to rise into our true potential of unique greatness. Before we rise, we must make a series of transitions to become the person we are meant to be. In order to change, there must be a motive, a tangible solution, and the willpower to see it through to completion. There are many changes people want to see within the world and their lives, however, they are often unwilling to look within and grow and develop themselves. Individual transformations are necessary in order to make major shifts in our lives, in society, and in the world. Here are 5 steps to make that soul connection with your higher self in order to raise the vibrations of the collective consciousness.

  1. Let go. This includes people, places, objects, thoughts, moments, and behaviors that are toxic. If it does not stimulate your growth, keep it out of your space. Do this with love and acceptance. For thoughts and behaviors, look at patterns you exhibit. Forgive yourself, and then find tools to make better choices for a more positive outcome.
  2. Self-love, self-care, self-acceptance. No one else is with you 24/7 to do all of this for you. It is important to come up with a routine to practice these three underestimated necessities of life. Baths, crystal healing, meditation, Qigong, yoga, Tai Chi, sound therapy, self-massage, and so much more are wonderful ways to show yourself gratitude.
  3. Eat and Hydrate. Do not skip meals! Hangriness does not lead to happiness. Graze throughout the day if you’re a snacker – just make sure your intake is healthy and organic. Always have a full cup of water. Our body predominantly made up of water. It is a necessity of life, and one of the two ways we get oxygen to our bodies. It is also cleansing and purifying.
  4. Sleep. Catch as many zzz’s as you want. If you want to sleep in this Sunday (and can), then go for it! Feel like you need a nap in the afternoon (and have time/space)? Take advantage of it! Your body probably needs to rejuvenate via peaceful slumber.
  5. Let your light shine! Get creative and have fun expressing yourself! This can be anything from dancing in your pjs to singing in the shower, working on your garden, prepping your favorite meal, crocheting your next masterpiece, going to a paint night, or even cleaning! Whatever it is that you enjoy – do it with every inch of your being and bask in the present moment.

Work on these 5 basic tools to make the necessary adjustments within yourself, and you will start feeling these changes and seeing changes in your life. I know these are everywhere, and you’re all probably thinking, “Duh! I know this!” But, are you DOING any of this? Regularly? Mindfully? Give it a try, and really be in the moment. Also, keep your eyes peeled on some techniques I will be sharing about how to be mindful, and change reactions into thoughtful actions.

Om Mani Padme Hum.࿆ૐ

Ⓒ copyright Eternal Waking Beauties

Embrace Your Gifts

Gifts of the Past

The Delphic Sibyl by Michaelangelo on the Sistine Chapel, Vatican City

Intuitive gifts have been recorded throughout history and across cultures in many forms. Ancient civilizations sought out information through the use of oracles. Oracles were people who were either considered a manifestation of the gods, or would channel information from the gods. Ancient Egypt has the oldest temple, where the first known oracle existed. Oracle temples were also found in Libya, Persia, and other ancient societies. In Ancient Greece and Rome, women who had prophetic gifts were all given the name, Sibyl. These priestesses were sought out as oracles, who had information from crop harvests to battle outcomes. David Wilcock explains how the most famous Sibyl of Cumae would write down her prophecies on fallen leaves, and let the wind take them from her cave to the people of Rome. It is said that in Greece, priests would relay messages of the oracle.

A Shaman is another historic figure across cultures with intuitive gifts. Shamans are found across the Middle East and Asia. They are connected to nature and the spirit world. Ceremonies and rituals to receive information, heal others, manifest, and protect. These rituals included dancing, music, various tools, offerings, and instruments to ward off dark spirits, manifest a bountiful harvest, guide the deceased to heaven, and celebrate important events.

Gifts of the Present

Artist: Cameron Gray

Today, we have named and categorized the numerous intuitive gifts one may have. Everyone has at least one gift, and some are able to possess all intuitive gifts. We often realize our gifts as children, and sadly detach from our gifts when we are discouraged from practicing them. The most common gifts are sensory based: clairaudience, claircognizance, clairsentience, and clairvoyance.

Clairaudience is “clear hearing,” and the ability to receive auditory messages from angels, ascended masters, deities, and other spirit guides including crystals, animals, and plants. These messages can be words and phrases, or sometimes specific songs or other sounds that relate to the topic being discussed. If someone with the gift of clairaudience does hear words and phrases, some can detect distinguished voices of different guides. Telepathy is a honed and practiced form of clairaudience where one can hear the thoughts of other people, animals, plants, crystals, etc. Some can open a pathway of communication relaying messages back to the entity they are hearing.

Claircognizance is “clear knowing” with the ability to receive information instantly without any prior knowledge of the subject. It is often described as instant information downloaded into the brain much like how a computer downloads documents into its database.

Clairsentience is “clear feeling,” which allows messages to be received through emotions, intuition, and physical sensations. Today, there are more and more people calling themselves “empaths,” which are people who utilize their intuition and gift of clairsentience to detect other people’s energies, emotions, thoughts, situations, and more. All empaths are clairsentient, but not all people with clairsentience are empaths. Truth be told, everyone is clairsentient to some extent. Have you ever entered someone’s house and immediately felt like you were at home? Have you gone somewhere to eat and felt like it was cold and unwelcoming? Well, that’s your clairsentience at work! Another enhanced form of clairsentience is psychometry. This is when we touch an object, person, plant, or animal and are able to receive messages about a particular situation or occurrence. Psychometry often combines a second gift of clairaudience, claircognizance, or clairvoyance to hear, know, or see the situation or person that is related to what we touched.

Clairvoyance is “clear seeing,” and the gift of seeing pictures of people, places, or situations of the past, present, and future. Clairvoyance is often tied to precognition or fortune telling and prophetic visions, where the person with this gift can see what the future holds for their subject based on the path they are on and other outcomes based on different choices. Another gift tied to clairvoyance is the ability to see auras. Auras are the energies that are being emitted by our subtle bodies, (mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual). Everyone and everything has an aura because everything in our physical realm is made up of matter and the energetic vibrations between each molecule, which creates these auras. People who are clairvoyant are also often able to channel spirits of those who have passed, and are commonly known as “mediums” since they are the medium facilitating communication. “Mediums” often have a combination of multiple “clair” gifts with the ability to see, hear, feel, and know about the person who has passed, their life, and relationships with others.

Enhance your Gifts for the Future

Doreen Virtue’s Goddess Oracle Cards. Spread and picture by Eternal Waking Beauties

Humanity has created a number of tools and ceremonies to aid in harnessing these gifts. One of the most popular tools used to channel one’s gifts are tarot cards. The original deck created by the Secret Order of the Golden Dawn has never been released to the public. However, there are three decks created by different members of the Golden Dawn based on the original deck. They are the Rider-Waite, B.O.T.A., and Thoth tarot decks. All other interpretations and variations of the tarot stem from these three decks. Tarot is used to answer questions from what to expect for the day to the significance of one’s life path. Closely related to tarot are oracle cards. Oracle cards often give a more general answer and offer guidance and insight. Popular oracle cards offer inspiration from our angels, ascended masters, the fae, mermaids, and deities. General playing cards can also be “read” for insight into a situation or predicament.

Another tool used to channel these gifts are pendulums. Pendulums come in a variety of shapes and materials. Some are purely made out of metal (often copper) while others include gemstones, rudraksha seeds, and crystals. Pendulums feel the vibrations of our energy connected to “the source” or “spirit” to answer our questions by swaying front to back and side to side, or rotate clockwise and counterclockwise. There are also charts that can be used to answer our questions from what our subconscious is thinking to what kind of vitamins our body needs. Pendulums can also be used to clear out negative energies and draw in positive energies to rooms, chakras, and even crystals.

Lastly, crystals are often used as tools to channel our intuitive gifts. This is often done through a technique called “scrying,” where one looks into a crystal and is able to see different pictures. These pictures or visions often relate to the topic in question, and it is up to the reader to give a proper interpretation of what is being seen. The most commonly used crystal for scrying is Clear Quartz. Clear Quartz amplifies all psychic abilities. It also enhances and clears energies in the body center, and purifies physical, mental, and spiritual bodies. Clear Quartz also amplifies the vibrations of other stones. Other stones that are good for scrying are Amethyst, Apophyllite, Golden Beryl, Scolecite, Celestite, Rutilated Quartz, Smoky Quartz, and more.

Other tools that have been used throughout history and across cultures are dowsing rods, runes, numerology, palmistry, tea leaves, candle scrying, astrology, and I-Ching.

Om Mani Padme Hum.࿆ૐ

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