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Leo Full Moon February 2020

Josephine Wall “Heart and Soul”

This full moon in Leo is igniting the fires of passion in our hearts. It is asking us to be open to receiving our divine calling at this time to gain momentum on aligning with our life’s purpose. The lion within our hearts is ready to roar beckoning us to listen to the vibrations of our very being as we make the ultimate shift.

Be open and ready for change as we really begin feeling the shift we have strived so hard to achieve. We are literally switching tracks and taking the first steps toward realizing our dreams. Manifestation is easy at this time while we are honored with Venus in Aries.

Venus in Aries “Passionate Heart” -EWB edit

This creates an assertive vortex as we approach the portal leading us to our destined lives. Our Cardinal Aries heart gives us the courage to dive head first as the Leo moon sustains us with strength and loyalty. This loyalty resides with our very souls faithfully moving forward.

Our journey is one of nurturing as we cultivate our dreams into reality. The sun in Aquarius helps us see our plans clearly revealing one step at a time. This helps us remained focused and steadfast. We create best in the present as we allow our intuition to guide us.

Pisces holds our intuition and is helping us dream bigger at this time. We are on the brink of coming face to face with our higher selves and destined lives of purpose, love, peace, and harmony. There’s no better time than now to believe in ourselves and what we are capable of. Butterflies bring the expansion of ideas and fantasy leading to beautiful creations for the world.

Blended edit by EWB “Cosmic Dream”

We are going above and beyond climbing to the next level of existence. From our state of being, to higher understanding, clarity of consciousness, raising our vibrations, sitting in our truth, settling down in our hearts, finding respite in our souls, and breathing pure life.

Whatever you feel drawn to at this time – do it! There’s no more holding back. It is time to live life to its fullest and embark on the journey you were created to live. There is a whole world out there waiting for you to join in on the splendors ahead. Be open to receiving.

The blessings are bountiful and coming in many different forms. Let go of the parameters and constructs of what could happen or what you expect. These gifts are perfect for you, and may not be what you expect. Receive them anyway. Remain completely open and grateful.

Om Mani Padme Hum.࿆ૐ

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Full Cold Gemini Moon

Artist Unknown. Photographer Unknown. Edited by Eternal Waking Beauties

Wednesday, December 3, 2017 7:48 am

Cold Moon

The cold moon is quite literally named such due to the cold weather that has embarked upon us. However, despite the chilly climate, we are surrounded by many forms of warmth. During this time many are huddling around the fireplace, filling their glasses with wine or eggnog, and surrounding themselves with family and friends.

When there is a lack of light and warmth from our environment, we must draw from within. As we do so, it is important to restore ourselves by allowing time for relaxation. With the cold upon us as we transition to winter, we are able to appreciate everything life has to offer sustaining us through the season.

Gemini Full Moon

Communication is the theme for this full moon. Whether it is verbal, non-verbal or self-talk (aka thinking), all forms of communication are in need of cleansing. It is time to really reflect on the words we use, our tone of voice and our subtle body language cues when engaging with others.

What message are we trying to convey? How clear and concise must we be? How do we want the other party to feel about our interaction?

These are all pertinent questions whether in a formal or casual setting. Our words, tone and body language all tend to vary depending on who we are talking with and the topic of discussion. Being mindful of each aspect of communication allows for more effective interactions.

When interacting within our minds it is important to acknowledge what we say to ourselves about ourselves, others and the world. Every thought can affect the way we see and experience our lives and the world around us.

What are we feeding our brains? What kind of world are we creating? How are we impacting ourselves and our world based on our thoughts?

It is amazing how powerful our thoughts truly are. They affect our emotions which alter our actions and behaviors. There has also been research about how our thoughts affect our physical bodies. Take some time with yourself to evaluate the type of life you want to live and make your thoughts match the world you want to create around you.

Mercury Retrograde

Mercury, Gemini’s ruling planet of communication, will be stationary retrograde during this full moon. This means that the planet appears to be revolving on its axis in the opposite direction. When this occurs we are able to tap into the divine feminine energies of the planet. The divine feminine includes our subconscious, softness, and divine timing.

While Mercury is in retrograde, we will be allowing our subconscious thoughts to seep into our conscious mind. This is extremely powerful because we are able to connect to our core beliefs and ideologies in a big way. These thoughts will be shared with us when necessary, so we must be patient for divine timing is at work.

As we relay these thoughts and communicate with others there will be a subtle, softness to our delivery. Remember to be aware of what we are trying to convey and how we want to conduct each interaction.

Planetary Aspects

Artist: Cafe Astrology

Neptune, the planet of compassion, spiritual enlightenment, and inspiration trines Jupiter our planet of luck, growth, and prosperity aiding us in our transition toward spiritual awareness and compassion for the collective. There is major spiritual growth occurring at this time. More people are empathizing with others bringing a sense of community as we share our prosperity.

Neptune squares the sun, our divine masculine, and moon, our divine feminine, creating some difficulty with balancing the two. We are struggling with our need to want to know every minute detail in our subconscious mind immediately, and our conscious scope of the bigger picture. There is an indecisive nature in how to follow our spiritual path, while a need to aim high toward fulfilling our purpose is trying to take charge. Sometimes we need to quiet the mind and find our center so we may follow our truth.

Uranus, the planet of progression, ingenuity, and intuition trines Mercury, the planet of communication and thought, and Saturn, the planet of limitations and boundaries. This dynamic is putting forth new, productive forms of communication and thought patterns. We are also able to create innovative personal boundaries giving way to a healthier, happier us. As we realize our limitations we have placed upon ourselves and others, we are finding prolific ways around them. This allows for new avenues of reaching our goals.

Ceremony Tools

I plan on utilizing blues and purples during my ceremony. Lavender essential oil can either be diffused or applied to the skin bringing a relaxing and clarifying energy.

Purple and blue candles will aid in the opening of our throat and third eye chakras allowing our thoughts and communication to be cleansed.

Benzoin and rainforest incense are excellent for refreshing and renewing our space. I always enjoy clearing my space with sage before lighting my candles and incense.

I will be surrounding myself with amethyst, apophyllite and clear quartz to bring me clarity and peace of mind. Blue lace agate, blue kyanite, and blue chalcedony will be present to amplify, soften and promote positive forms of communication.

During my release I will focus on all toxic ways of thinking and communicating that are causing blockages within myself. I will let them go and ask that my third eye and throat chakra be cleansed and void of all ineffective thoughts and words.

If you choose, you may make a list of qualities you no longer want and need to release. When you are done rip it up into tiny pieces and let the wind take it away (since Gemini is an air sign). I also ask my guides to aid me in this process.

Have a wonderful release Eternal Waking Beauties. I hope this article resonates with your effervescent, beautiful souls.

Om Mani Padme Hum.࿆ૐ

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Blood Full Aries Moon 2017

FullSizeRender (1)
Artist: Sergey Photographer: Fred Espenak Edited by Eternal Waking Beauties

Thursday, October 5, 2017 11:40 am PST

Blood Full Moon

The blood full moon occurs every year during the month of October. Some say the blood moon got its name due to the reddish hues of the moon. It is said to be a time of magic, wisdom, and connection. What comes to your mind when you think of blood? The eerie and ominous concept of death? The flow of oxygen coursing through your veins to give your body life?

Whether the end of life or the engine for life itself, blood can take the roll of both. The blood moon marks the sign of a season shift as we begin the end of the year when life around us appears to be “dying.” Life seems to flee from the cold months that are just around the corner. Heat is necessary to sustain life and continue blood flow throughout our bodies. The wondrous magic of life within and around us never ceases to amaze me.

Animals show the sage, inherent wisdom by harvesting from everything around them before hibernating, or migrating toward the equator for winter. How does their natural instinct just kick in? How does ours? It is beautiful to see the intelligence within all forms of life showing how we are truly are all connected from the elements, to the trees, to the birds and the bees. Our bodies are naturally engineered to help us survive.

Full Moon in Aries

Our fiery, trailblazing warriors of Aries are aiding us in our full moon release as we have fully immersed ourselves into fall. They keep us active with a burst of creative motivation as they set the tone for the entire season. There is a lot of masculine power and assertion as we take charge of the plans Libra made at the beginning of this lunar cycle.

We are shedding our selfish ways and looking to make bigger changes for everyone to be able to survive the cold, upcoming season.

Artist: Cafe Astrology


Planetary Aspects

Virgo and Mars meet up in the sultry sign of Scorpio creating a powerful shift in love. Romance is in the air filled with passion and sensuality. The couple trines Pluto creating a regeneration of love in our romantic partnerships.

The sun conjuncts Mercury, our beloved communicator as we are able to utilize warm, embracing speech in both our interpersonal and interpersonal conversations.

The moon squares Pluto and opposes both the sun and Mercury. This is creating a minor setback in our growth as we subconsciously hold onto some unnecessary ways of thinking, communicating, and developing.

Photographer Unknown

Ceremonial Tools

Because Aries is a fire sign I will be utilizing red, orange and yellow candles. I will pair them with sandalwood and rainforest incense to calm the intensity of our beloved, fire sign. It will cleanse the space and bring us down to earth.

My stones of choice will be dendritic agate, tree agate, and my main stone will be fire agate. Fire agate is said to be a flame captured within a stone. It is able to bring courage, protection and strength during these times of release and transformation.

I plan on focusing on letting go of any irrational aggressive tendencies by asking for conducive outlets for my excessive energy.

Enjoy your beautiful release Eternal Waking Beauties! May your fiery passions blaze a trail of light and love.

Om Mani Padme Hum.࿆ૐ

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Cancer New Moon 2017

Photographer: Unknown. Artist: Unknown. Edited by Eternal Waking Beauties

Friday, June 23, 2017 at 7:31 PM PST

Ocean of Emotion

As mentioned in my article Summer Solstice 2017, the sun is currently residing over the Tropic of Cancer. The astrological sign of Cancer is ruled by the moon, which governs our emotions. The moon also controls the tides having a strong effect on water, and Cancer is our cardinal, water sign.

Water signs experience emotions, intuition, and dreams on a grandeur scale than other signs. These traits are amplified by the moon as it harnesses the Divine Feminine Yin aspects of life such as our subconscious, introversion, empathy, time, softness, and our Mother Gaia. The sun is the polar opposite as it vibrates with the frequency of the Divine Masculine Yang energies of our conscious mind, extroversion, action, space, assertion, and the universe. Both the sun and the moon sit in the same astrological sign during a new moon. We are often asked to balance the divine masculine yang and divine feminine yin within us to promote harmony of masculine and feminine traits creating yin yang. Because the sun and moon are both in Cancer, we are asked to balance the two water traits previously mentioned: emotions and intuition.

Balance and Harmony

Lately, the masses have been undergoing moments of extreme emotions. Sometimes our feelings are dealt with a harsh, masculine abruptness of manic moments in bouts of intense anger and joy. Other times with a soft, gentile touch, we nurture our feelings of overwhelming sorrow and fear. It is important to find a balance as we experience each of these emotions by not allowing the masculine nor feminine to overpower us.

It is okay to feel each and every emotion as they should be felt, but we need to channel them in ways that are not detrimental to ourselves or anyone else. Practice focusing on the opposite feeling for each state if any one emotion is being held onto for a lengthy period of time. When angry, focus on what it feels like to be at peace. When joyful to the point of erratic delirium, focus on what it feels like to be calm. While feeling sorrow, focus on what it feels like to be content. And while afraid, focus on what it feels like to be safe and secure. Balancing our emotions allows us to experience our intuition more intensely.

As our intuition heightens people have been feeling the intense vibrations of the energy fields surrounding us from other individuals to the earth beneath our feet. Many have been undergoing a change in taste. Foods they once desired have become stale, bland, and downright unbearable. Some are experiencing intense visual stimulation as they are able to see energy waves and auric fields. Others are trying to fine tune their hearing as they are more sensitive to even the slightest noise. While experiencing each of these many want to do one of two extremes: act on our masculine instinct to tell the world and make a million lifestyle changes, or our feminine instinct to hide it from the world and pretend it doesn’t exist. These moments can be very exciting or terrifying depending on how comfortable we are with our intuition.

It is important to take it slow and allow it all to register before jumping into complete alterations of our lives. It is one thing to want healthy changes such as altering the foods we eat and creating an exercise regimen. However, if we overwhelm ourselves, it is easier to experience burnout. The desire to give up if we do not stick with all of the changes we have made is greater than slowly adding in one thing here or there. An example would be adding 2 hours of daily gym time to our schedule and becoming vegan in one day versus 3 days of an hour at the gym and eating only organic over the course of the next month. Then, adding an hour at the gym on those 3 designated days and taking out red meats for the next month. The gradual change as we up the ante on our goals each month will be an easier transition then jumping in eyes wide shut, and more beneficial than making no changes at all. The same goes with our spiritual intuition as our body becomes more accustomed to these new sensations.

Planetary Aspects

Artist: Café Astrology

The sun, moon, Mercury, and Mars are all in conjunction in the sign of Cancer. The outgoing sun and introverted moon allow for thoughtful and expressive communication while alongside Mercury. This is a time of high activity as the assertive sun and determined Mars pair with the social intellect of Mercury. Creative juices are flowing and movement toward attaining our goals has begun. We have made our plans and now we are acting upon achieving our dreams with thoughtful consideration at each junction.

Uranus sextiles both the sun and moon as we open to new ways of creating changes in our lives and in ourselves. Everything around us will become subject to question as we yearn to be unique individuals. We are able to rebel from what does not resonate with our souls on both a conscious and subconscious level. The lines that were once fuzzy have become clear in perfect focus as we steer our lives down our path of choice.

Saturn opposes both the sun and moon creating limitations at this time. We will find difficulty in wanting to have control over others and situations out of our hands leading to mistrust of others whether newly acquainted or longtime friendships. Now that we have mapped out the “perfect” plan to get us to our desired destination, we do not want anything to get in our ways. Every little mishap will perturb us, but we must remember that we will achieve our aspirations regardless of the bumps in the road or alternate routes we need to take.

We have thoughtfully scrutinized our course of action, and constructed a thorough blueprint. Now we are given the creatively motivated independence needed to put all of this planning into action thanks to the planetary aspects paired with the cardinal facet of Cancer.

Cancer Ceremony

New moons signify the beginning of a new cycle among us. I will be using red, orange, and yellow candles for a burst of fiery, creative, and determined energy to jettison me forward toward my goals. Paired with each will be the opposing color of green, blue, and purple to bring balance and harmony allowing a gentle calmness to my assertive willpower. My incense of choice are Amber for comfort, happiness and healing, and Sandalwood for protection, purification, and spiritual awareness. Lastly, my stone of choice to complete the ceremonial tools is a set of Boji Stones. Boji Stones are the only stones with a masculine and feminine pair to help us balance the yin and yang within. They are also grounding and protective allowing our true nature to flourish. I plan on writing down what I want for this new lunar cycle – harmonizing my divine masculine of yang and divine feminine of yin within me, taking steps one-by-one to reach my dreams, and remaining understanding and compassionate toward others and myself during this process. I like to keep my New Moon Lists and check off each accomplishment as they are completed. Happy manifesting Eternal Waking Beauties!

Om Mani Padme Hum.࿆ૐ

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