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Ego: Our Undervalued Protector

From “The Boy and the Beast”


The vapors of your toxic breath deteriorate my flesh.

My core trembles as you gape into my soul.

Piercing the beauty of my light commanding your deathly sludge to overflow within me

I awaken.

I see you sweet babe as you cry out in fear.

I smell the hurt and anguish roll off your brow.

I taste the poisonous vapor permeating off your meek essence clinging on for dear life.

I hear your whimpering sobs terrified of what is to be.

I feel every minute beat of your slowly breaking heart.

You are me and I am you my petrified ego.

You work so hard to protect me and yet fill me with a darkness I can no longer live with.

I have ignored you

Cast you aside

Given no acknowledgement to your existence.

It torments you to be ignored

After you have slaved tirelessly just for me.

You try so hard to be seen, be heard, be felt, be understood.

I now see you my sweet love.

I now hear your powerful voice rise up within me.

I now feel your fear of forever being invisible and unappreciated.

I now understand your purpose and your love for me.

You are my undervalued protector.

The one who speaks up for me when I cannot find my voice.

The one who shows me strength in my sorrowful cries.

The one who questions the world to ensure my instinct was right.

The one who is forever looking out for me.

Thank you my love. You may rest now.

We don’t need to take arms for there is no war.

We can be strong and at peace. You have taught me this.

I always want you with me. I will never let you go. But we must have faith and come back to a place of love.

The venomous rapture has gone on for far too long.

Protect me in softness and I will embrace you with love.

Deal? Deal.

Thank you again,

I will love you forever my dear ego,

my undervalued protector.

Om Mani Padme Hum.࿆ૐ

Ⓒ copyright Eternal Waking Beauties