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Spring Equinox 2020

Eternal Waking Beauties Spring Equinox 2020 Reading

Hello Eternal Waking Beauties, and welcome to Spring 2020! This is an intuitive reading for the collective for what we will be experiencing as a whole for Spring 2020 (March 20 – June 19). This is the beginning of the seasons for us when life comes back to the world, and new beginnings are born! It is time to Live Your Purpose!

Spirit of the Animal Oracle

Ram – Perserverence

The first card from the Spirit of the Animal Oracle is the Ram – how perfect as we are entering Aries season! We are being asked to persevere for we have many gifts and there is no problems that can withstand the power of our minds. With patience we can reach the mountaintop as long as we do not give up good luck will follow!

Penguin – Authentic

Underneath the bottom of the deck we have Penguin which asks us to be authentic with ourselves, others, and the world. We are to reach out to our tribe – our soul family – as we find ourselves in times of need. Family gives strength to face the storm. It’s time to love our uniqueness and we are full of surprises! Break free from others expectations and JUST BE YOURSELF!

It is easier to persevere when we are in alignment with our truth and our highest selves which allows us to remain authentic.

Sacred Rebels Oracle

6 – Shock of the New

The next deck I was drawn to was the Sacred Rebels Oracle. The card drawn was “Shock of the New” (#6 – supreme nurturer). We are going to be in awe of the new that comes to us this spring as we align with our upper heart chakra (purpose), throat chakra (truth), third eye chakra (clarity), and crown chakra (connection to the divine). These are going to bring about new ideas and inspiration letting us clearly see our authentic, unique souls! When this happens we will begin to witness the new all around us and everything that we can create!

25 – Release the Dark Wound, Let Love Live

Underneath the bottom of the deck is “Release the Dark Wound, Let Love Live” (#25 – 2 – balance, harmony, relationships; 5 – change and transformation 2+5=7 – enlightenment, spirituality, higher understanding). Our shift and change will bring about a balance and harmony of our spirituality and higher selves as we let go of past wounds, hurt, pain, suffering, and traumas allowing them to heal through forgiveness so we can allow love to permeate our lives. This is the work we need to achieve alignment with ourselves, with our authentic form, with all our truth and purpose within so we can experience the shock of the new within and around us. What a beautiful time!

Nature’s Whispers

9 – Perfect Setting

The next deck I was drawn to us the Nature’s Whispers oracle deck. The card drawn was “Perfect Setting” (#9 – endings, completion, humanitarianism). This card is saying we have everything we need within and around us to create the perfect setting to live and create our dreams, desires, and purpose. It is time to be the master manifestors of our divine destinies! Keep up with the perseverance of being able to release the past which is blocking the achievement of our future so we can get to the creation of all things aligned with us and our highest vibration.

36 – Intuition

Underneath the bottom of the deck is “Intuition” (#36 – 3 – divine, holy trinity, 3 dauntians, mother, maiden, and crone, body, mind, and sprit, earth, nature, and the universe; 6 – nurturing; 3+6=9! – endings, completion, humanitarianism). We have another 9 confirming we are coming to the end of a cycle to begin again! (Purity ring!) We are to follow our intuition to guide us to paint the masterpiece of our perfect setting to come into the new aligned in love after healing our stagnant past persevering to our authentic true selves!

Paulina Cassidy Tarot

Ten of Pentacles

The ten of pentacles is here to tell us of success!!! We have created abundance and prosperity for ourselves in the material, physics realm with all of our newfound authenticity, love, alignment, intuition, perseverance, and co-creation with spirit of our perfect setting. It has allowed us to enter a place of receiving for all of our hard work. We are being blessed this spring for a job well done!

Ace of Cups

Next we have the ace of cups which is a realization of a newfound bond and relationship with our emotions creating a happy and harmonious existence. Again our hard work is paying off and allowing for more stability, understanding, and acceptance of our emotions. This is going to help us release the dark wound and let love live within us and throughout our lives bringing back balance and harmony of our emotions.

The Hierophant

The hierophant brings us new wisdom, spiritual guidance, and a divine connection with source allowing us to receive downloads that connect us with the higher truths of the universe. This newfound wisdom is going to help us remain in alignment, remain in our truth, remain in our authentic uniqueness, remain in this space of love, remain intuitive, remain confident and understanding of our gifts to persevere as we create our perfect setting to live our our divine life purpose.

Nine of Swords

We have another 9! Definitely look up this angel number as it is an integral part of our spring 2020 experience! The 9 of swords is showing us that something is trying to hold us back whether it’s our mental blocks or old patterns that are no longer beneficial or still holding onto the memory, the moment, the person, or the situation that is keeping us from moving forward. We have not been able to heal or forgive and it is bringing stagnancy from living our purpose. We must forgive and heal this part of ourselves or another in order to continue on our path.

Seven of Wands

Underneath the bottom of the deck we have the 7 of Wands which shows that we are perched on a ledge protected by our spirit guides from everyone below trying to reach us, trying to lower our vibration, trying to bring us back down! We have ascended so high we have elevated our vibration and ourselves to a place and a space where we can no longer be touched by those lower vibrations. We can’t even see them! They aren’t even in our scope of view! We have risen above the bs and there we will remain!

The Numinous Tarot

Three of Candles

The next deck is the Numinous Tarot which is a beautiful display of inclusion and representation. The first card is the three of candles or wands in most tarot. This card is lighting our way to our purpose, our passion, and our success. It is paired with the 10 of pentacles suggesting that our path is lit bright and clearly for us to follow to gain material abundance on the physical plane so we can have more than enough to fulfill our purpose. How exciting!

6 – The Lovers

Six is another number that is sticking out! Please look up the angel number for more guidance and insight for this spring season! How beautiful!!!! The lovers is paired with the ace of cups! Once we are able to release the dark wound, the pain, the suffering, the hurt, we are able to let love live and that love is going to be for ourselves, for others, for everyone, for everything, for the world, and for the cosmos! We are going to experience love on a whole new level as we embark on the beginning of our seasonal year in spring! I absolutely ADORE this lovers card as so many people are represented and included in this all encompassing love from a PURE HEART! We all possess one Eternal Waking Beauties! Open your heart to love so you can give and receive pure love freely!

1 – The Magician

The magician is next and is paired with the HIEROPHANT!!! Omg what a deliciously perfect pair!!! Not only do we have all of the knowledge we need to create this perfect setting, create a new within and around us, connect with and trust our intuition, know our authentic selves, and realize our gifts to persevere, but we are also THE MAGICIAN! We have all of the tools we need to be successful in all of these endeavors!!!! We are master manifestors! We are alchemists! We can create our hearts desires, dreams, and purpose!!!

Six of Vials

ANOTHER SIX!!! The six of vials is the traditional cups or chalices suit. The six of vials speaks upon looking back and reminiscing with nostalgia especially when we think fondly of our ancestors. This is going. To help us with the nine of swords. When we are having moments of mental strife, self doubt, frustration, and lack and fear mentalities we are being asked to reach out to our ancestors and call upon them for help to rise above and get around this old, stale way of thinking that is blocking us from achievement and success with ease. When we are aligned and get into the vortex things come with ease and flow in such a way it’s almost surreal. Our ancestors will help us get back to that space so we can realign again, get back in touch with our intuition and authenticity, and get back to creating the perfect setting to illuminate our path toward success.

The Dreamer of Tomes

The dreamer of tomes is similar to the page of pentacles or coins in traditional tarot. We are in a dream state! We are dreaming of our goals, desires, purpose, and futures. What do we want to create, where do we want to find success, what feels best and aligns with our higher self with our truth? So many questions and we are seeking out the answers with joy and deliberation. Our intent is what is going to help us realize our dream that ignites is with a fiery passion creating sustainable happiness and peace.

2 – The High Priestess and the Queen of Pentacles!

The seven of wands slid off the bottom of the Paulina Cassidy tarot deck to reveal the high priestess! She is the magician and hierophant combined! She has all of the ethereal knowledge and spiritual prowess of the hierophant combined with the tools of the magician. She knows how to use her tools and manifests what she needs for her divine life purpose!

Under the high priestess the QUEEN OF PENTACLES revealed herself! She is well of financially. She has stability, safety, security, and structure because she is abundant and prosperous on a material level in the physical plane. She has her checks and balances. She knows how to create, how to manifest, and how to receive. We also had the 10 of pentacles! Both of these cards signify WEALTH! This is long term, lifetime, generational WEALTH that is here to stay and here to last for the long run! Your passion and your purpose is going to fulfill you and yours for this LIFETIME AND BEYOND!

Bottoms of the decks for our Eternal Waking Beauties Spring 2020 insight!

Close out

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We are all Eternal beings of light forever Waking to the Beauties of life. It is time to LIVE YOUR PURPOSE! Peace & harmony family! ☮️☯️

Om Mani Padme Hum.࿆ૐ

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Card of the Day: The Fool

The Fool
Paulina Cassidy’s “Joie de Vivre Tarot” Deck. Picture taken by Eternal Waking Beauties

In my previous post Card of the Day: The Star, I discuss the background of both Tarot and the Major Arcana. Today’s draw is the first card of the Major Arcana in Tarot – 0 The Fool.


Zero is the number of an endless, infinite cycle representing the God Force. It is everywhere and nowhere with no beginning nor ending allowing for freedom of limitations. There are endless possibilities when a zero is present. Spirituality is intensified as we become closer to the source of eternity. Zero is the enhancer by amplifying the vibration of the other numbers it appears with. It also symbolizes naivete and uncertainty, which is what the fool exemplifies.

The Fool’s Journey

The Fool embodies each and every one of us born into a world enmeshed in beauty and danger. She is ready to take on the world with a faithful companion when she encounters the Magician (1), who represents the divine masculine and the High Priestess (2), who represents the divine feminine. These two are often interpreted as the opposing forces of yin and yang – darkness and light – feminine and masculine within the Fool.

As the Fool becomes more aware of herself, she begins to notice her surroundings. She meets the Empress (3) and Emperor (4), who assume the role of her parents. The Empress shows loving nourishment, while the Emperor builds structure and authority.

The Fool eventually leaves the nest to confront a world of societal structure in the form of education, religion, and organized norms practiced by the collective. The Heirophant (5) shares culture, beliefs, knowledge, and traditions. They come in the form of teachers, church leaders, and even peers who are more familiar with the guidelines laid out for the masses.

As the Fool grows, she begins to yearn for romantic and sexual companionship depicted by the Lovers (6). The Fool has graduated from being self-centered and egocentric to wanting to learn how to balance and harmonize a relationship with another individual.

The Fool eventually transitions into adulthood as she harnesses her own destiny on the Chariot (7). Basking in her achievements, the Fool displays discipline and control regardless of the rocky path she is on. Challenges and roadblocks continue to try to hinder her progress. The Fool finds Strength (8) as she courageously pushes forward in a soft and loving manner realizing that Strength is not always forceful and domineering.

Finally, the Fool becomes introspective after exploring the outside world. Exhausted from all of the trials and tribulations, esoteric knowledge becomes the key to her existence. As she ponders deeply of the world and life, she begins to Hermit (9) seeking solitude from society. Once the pieces fall into place, the Fool is able to experience the Wheel of Fortune (10). Invisible ties connecting every facet of the universe and world begin to appear in the eyes of the Fool. Fate and destiny play a major role in motivating the Fool to continue on her path.

Through her new lens, the Fool begins to take responsibility for herself as she learns to become accountable for her actions. This is where she meets Justice (11), and pays the dues of her past to begin anew. When new challenges emerge, the Fool must figure out how to handle these situations with her new frame of mind. She learns to let go of control as the Hanged Man (12), while humbled by her new perspective. From this comes the Death (13) of her old ways. She relinquishes the aspects of herself and her life that no longer serve her. Death is the beginning of her transition toward her soul’s purpose.

The Fool discovers that balance is needed to create equilibrium in life. Temperance (14) is necessary to restore harmony within and around her. Shortly after, the Devil (15) appears tempting the Fool with material desires. The Fool finds herself bound to the physical plane lost in ignorant abundance. In order to free herself from the shackles restraining her progress, she must watch the Tower (16) of her ego collapse beneath her feet. As she falls from the tumbling fortress that was once so comfortable, she realizes this catastrophic shift is a blessing in disguise.

The Fool is forced to make another adjustment on her path of development. One night, she becomes mesmerized by the Star (17) renewing all faith and hope. A tranquil calmness washes over her that she wishes to share with the world. Shortly after, the Fool spots the Moon (18) bringing an illusion of fantasy. Swept up in the blissful state of the Star, the Fool is unable to see clearly in the moonlight. Before she is consumed by anxiety and fear, the Sun (19) rises. Rays of warmth and illumination bring clarity and understanding to the Fool restoring her vitality.

The final major advance is made as the Fool assumes her true form. She is fully reborn into her radiant light of purity and love. She passes Judgement (20) on herself as she reflects on her choices throughout her life. The Fool is able to forgive herself and others for the mishaps along the way realizing every step had a purpose. Her vision of truth remains with her as she reenters the World (21) in her enlightened state. The Fool has found peace in the harmony she has created inside of her, and contentment for the life she has manifested around herself.

Everyone is at a different point on the Fool’s Journey in their own lives. It is important not to drown in our thoughts, be consumed by our feelings, or get lost in the world. Practice innocence and faith to continue progressing.

Innocence and Faith

We are being asked to restore our child-like innocence and unwavering faith at this time. This is not to be interpreted as blind ignorance leading to irrational disillusionment. The first definition of innocence according to Mirriam-Webster is “freedom from guilt or sin through being unacquainted with evil.” In Taoism, this is similar to the practice of becoming the “uncarved block”.

There is a simplicity about the person who does not assume the shape that intellectual and societal influences try to impose. Without accumulating the burdens of the world, we are free from gaining karma causing us to backtrack to learn a lesson we already know. We must trust our instinct that clearly distinguishes the choices of love from fear, and follow our soul’s guidance keeping us innocent. This takes a lot of faith in one’s self.

It is hard not to question our original judgement of a situation. However, our souls know what is best for our highest good. We must listen to that little voice and trust in its truth. As stated in the Bible “Then you will know truth, and the truth will set you free.” John 8:32. Jesus is trying to liberate his disciples spiritually from their physical bondage. In doing so, they can liberate themselves from slavery.

If we also have faith in our own truths, we will be able to free ourselves from the confines of what we have been told to be true. No one knows what is better for us and our highest good other than ourselves. No one has had an identical experience to that of our own. No one has stayed by our side for every breath we have taken. No one fully understands the inner workings of our minds, emotions, and processes for they are completely unique to us. Have faith in this process. Have faith in our own capability to make sound decisions. Have faith that we will remain taken care of because we have promised to care for ourselves.

The Fool has come to us to rekindle our sense of innocence and faith. Believe in the power each of them holds to carry you on your path of light and love Eternal Waking Beauties.

Om Mani Padme Hum.࿆ૐ

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Card of the Day: The Star

Paulina Cassidy’s “Joie de Vivre Tarot” Deck. Picture taken by Eternal Waking Beauties


Tarot has been used as a tool for divination for decades. The original deck was created by the founders of the alchemist brotherhood, the Secret Order of the Golden Dawn, and has never been released to the public. Three members of the Golden Dawn were instructed to create their own interpretations of the original tarot deck. Those decks are the Rider-Waite by Arthur Edward Waite, the Thoth by Aleister Crowley, and the B.O.T.A. (Builders of the Adytum) by Paul Foster Case. All other tarot decks stem from these three utilizing their own symbology and interpretation of each card. Regardless of the esoteric meanings and depictions, every deck has a Major Arcana and Minor Arcana.

The Major Arcana 

The Major Arcana consists of 22 cards. They are the foundation of the journey we all must go through to reach spiritual awareness. The fool is the first card of the Major Arcana and is often unnumbered. Each card represents major life changes, integral people in our life, or ingrained aspects of our higher selves. The main phases of life consisting of both struggles and successes are captured in these cards. Symbols in each card give more insight and meaning to the general picture. Whether we feel the Tower of our lives crumbling beneath our feet, or the warmth of the Sun shining down on us encouraging each step; we are being guided with love and light.

The Star 

The Star is the 27th card in the Major Arcana of the Tarot. This card represents our hopes, dreams, and desires that we wish to come to fruition. The Star brings us inspiration and renewal as we begin to realize we have been achieving what we have longing for over time. During this realization we become filled with confidence and comfort in knowing we are capable of ensuring our needs are met. This surge of empowerment will be felt within as our light begins to shine with an effervescently blinding beauty. Other people will feel this warmth and begin looking within to find their own. Since we are all allowing our inner flame to billow and overtake the darkness of our hearts, there is a powerful awakening occurring on a collective conscious level. We are all finding paths in our lives that were not outlined as clearly before. These paths are extending from our souls, and our hearts beat to the rhythm of every step we take. We are balanced in harmony connected to our higher, true self which is directly linked to the source. As we open our eyes we are being flooded with an abundance of love, light, and warmth. With this comes compassion, empathy, softness, and a more complacent way of being creating serenity in every moment. The Star is propelling us forward to our souls purpose as we begin residing in our true bodies – our souls.

Om Mani Padme Hum.࿆ૐ

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