Number of the Day 

Number Eight 1968 Erté (Romain de Tirtoff) 1892-1990 Presented by Curwen Studio through the Institute of Contemporary Prints 1975

6/1/2017 | 6+1+2+0+1+7=17 | 1+7=8

8 is our beautiful number of the day! This number sets the tone for the month of June including changes that need to be made and opportunities presenting themselves. Eight vibrates to the frequencies of ambition, practicality, courage, confidence, and success. This number symbolizes the material gains that we have achieved in the physical realm. It is the chapter in our lives where we have accomplished our goals, have more than enough to live comfortably, and allow our inner light to shine with fortitude. Eight is also ruled by the planet Saturn and the inescapable karma.

Saturn and Karma

Saturn is the planet of limitations and boundaries. People often believe that limitations mean the ones imposed upon them by the world. We often blame the universe for making us “too short” – so we end up not playing basketball, or not being naturally good at math – so we give up studying. However, we are in fact setting these limitions on ourselves instead of working hard to attain our desired outcome. The boundaries of Saturn are often interpreted in the same way: they create barriers detaining us from accomplishing what we could otherwise.

The limitations and boundaries represented by Saturn are also the ones we set FOR ourselves on the world and others. These are knowing: when we need to tap out or throw in the towel (physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually), what we can and will not tolerate from another, where we want to keep our space, who we want in our space, and how we want to verbalize our needs and wants from others. These skills are often at the forefront of a day of 8 as we are challenged to handle these situations wisely. This is when karma comes into play.

When we make choices that stunt our growth and remain in ego, we are asked to revisit similar situations until we are able to mature and root our decisions in unconditional love. Many people who are able to reach a phase in life of eight, (such as a paradyme, challenge or cycle) are faced with these conditions based on old karma. The likelihood of accruing more karma during this phase is also greater due to its connection to physical temptations such as addiction, narcissism, and voracity. We are being asked to be stronger by believing in ourselves and making decisions that resonate with our souls.

Tarot Symbolism

In the Major Arcana where the most integral people, influences, and stages of our life are integrated, the eighth card is Strength. This card symbolizes fortitude, courage, power and control. Strength often includes the imagery of a lion. In the Rider-Waite deck the lion is governed by a woman in white with an infinity sign over her head symbolizing the strength of purity, innocence, and divine knowledge over physical passions and desires. We are being asked to find our inner strength, realize that we are becoming stronger, or acknowledge that we need to utilize the strength we possess. Eights are represented four more times in tarot.

The Minor Arcana includes the suits of wands, cups, swords, and pentacles. The eight of wands brings about rapid changes set in motion to swiftly conquer our goals. The energy for June holds a tremendous amount of transformation in our lives as we are propelled toward our destinies. Obstacles are beginning to dissipate and blockages are opening allowing us to easily ascend toward a greater purpose. Wands are ruled by the element of fire, so there is high energy and creativity flowing at this time.

The eight of cups symbolizes disappointment and abandonment as we walk away from the accomplishments and goods accrued over time. We are finding that old desires have not fulfilled us, so we are embarking down a new path. Our new destination is often one of spiritual connection and divine contentment. Currently, many are coming to this realization by finding satisfaction through self-discovery and maintaining meaningful connections. Cups are ruled by the element of water oftentimes establishing an emotional and intuitive period.

The eight of swords portrays isolation, restriction, and confinement. We are blind to the truth of our situation and unwilling to see what lies before us. This is oftentimes when we place self-limitations impeding our growth. We are asked to take on a new perspective of objectivity, honesty, and practicality. Through this new lens we will be able to see our circumstances clearly and make the best decision based on our higher intellect. Swords are ruled by air which link our thoughts to our communication patterns influencing relationships.

Lastly, the eight of pentacles harnesses our inner apprentice and scholar as our thirst for creating a product of quality, mastering a new trade, or absorbing information and knowledge increases. We are beginning the process of mastering a new endeavor with determination and diligence. Focused and detail oriented we are dedicated to refining our skill or craft until damn near close to perfect. Pentacles are ruled by the element of earth bringing tenacity, concentration, and patience to this process.


All-in-all this is a period of finding the courage to conquer our success waiting for us. We are being asked to remove self restraining limitations and build boundaries securing our personal space. Be sure to wield your power and strength positively with purity and intellect. A portal of creative energy is pushing us toward a new goal to be accomplished with diligence  based in spirituality as we abandon our materialistic superficial gains and open our eyes to the truth of our surroundings.

Om Mani Padme Hum.࿆ૐ

Ⓒ copyright Eternal Waking Beauties

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